Six Random Organizational Tips as we begin the Fall and back to school season!

(So You Don’t End up on Hoarders or any other reality show!)


  1.  Have a landing strip. This is the bowl, or tray that you put everything in when you come home. That way you are not always looking for your keys, phone etc. and other pocket-sized belongings.
  2.  Clean as you go. Really. Makes all the difference.
  3.  Everything in its place.
  4.  If your house really is currently an organizational nightmare . . . just start small. One room at a time. You can do it!
  5.  Use a calendar. Either the paper kind or one an online version will work . . . and as long as you remember to use it!!
  6.  How many things do you really need to collect??? Most of them just become ‘“dust catchers.’”