We all deal with fear.

Not simply at one crossroad of life, but throughout the different seasons, it appears, again and again, offering a seemingly safer, more comfortable route of passage for our anxious hearts.

Fear is a chameleon.

It creatively changes its appearance depending on the most convincing chance of entry to our soul. It creates a facade veiled in “concern” and “balance”. It sings a soothing song that lulls our God dreams to sleep as we choose to trust the voices of others instead of the Holy Spirit. Fear feeds our deepest fears with more fear. After all, while at first meek and mild, once given attention, fear is a drama king that loves the spotlight. Fear takes over every thought process, conversation and situation with “what if’s” that rapidly spiral into hopeless despair.

There was a time in my life that I came to the realization that fear was dictating my life choices. Doors were opening and I was closing them because of a genuine fear of failure. I had a fear of being anything less than perfect and my unwillingness to take risks was causing me to miss out on beautiful opportunities brimming with destiny. My family brought the truth to my attention and it startled me and immediately put me on the defense. I was crushed as my Dad lovingly but strongly said to me “DawnCheré if you don’t step into what God has called you to do, he will use someone else.” Aaah! Shot to the heart for this teenager at the time lol. For a timid high- schooler, those words swept over me like a cold tsunami. I was crushed. I cried as I allowed the voice of fear to once again convince me that Dad had behaved harshly and unnecessarily. My mom came and sat beside me as I wept tears of frustration. She said, “DawnCheré, your Dad is not mad at you. He is speaking to the warrior inside of you to stand up and fight.” And suddenly the voice of the Holy Spirit within my heart became louder than the fear. I realized I didn’t have to surrender any longer to this paralyzing enemy. I could choose to trust God more than the fear. I could choose to take my eyes off of myself and put them on the needs around me. I was free to choose.

In that season I found weapons to fight my fear through scriptures like “there is no fear in love, perfect love casts out all fear” and “the joy of the Lord is my strength”. After all, who wants to be fearless but joyless as well? No one. And as I walked in obedience the fear didn’t immediately leave but faith overtook its hold! Now Rich and I often say, we choose to run towards the things that make us afraid. Fear won’t control our destinies.

You see, friends and family can help you identify fear in your life but only you can choose to fight fear with faith. It’s your mind, your body, your life and your choice alone to aggressively wage war. This choice is a gift from God. And no matter how many years you have relinquished your choice to fight, today you can make the decision and walk into freedom.

I’m grateful that the Bible so clearly gives us real handles as to how to combat fears’ paralyzing grasp. God doesn’t want to help you conceal your fear, he wants to reveal it so that it no longer has power over your life. Once you identify that the driving force for your specific mindset or actions is rooted in fear you are able to reject it and then remove it from its place of occupancy.

I have found strength from many peoples lives within the Bible but Gideon is such a genuine encouragement to me. He went from a man in hiding to a hero. All because he chose to relinquish fear and pick up the courage. He made a choice to trust God. Judges 6:12 tells us of the angel of the Lord appearing to Gideon as he hides in a winepress from the enemy.

12 And the angel of the Lord appeared to him and said to him, “The Lord is with you, O mighty man of valor.”

God saw Gideon as a man of courage even before he saw himself that way! Why? Because God created Gideon. God created him to fight with courage and gave Gideon the ability to choose faith in God over fear. Gideon went on to fight battles and lead Gods people to victory. How quickly our fear is overcome by the spirit of God if we just surrender and obey! Stop belittling yourself and awaken to the love of God that calls out your true identity even in moments of weakness! In every season God is waiting to bring your heart to a place of real victory, again and again.

In my life, it wasn’t just the one exchange with my parents that settled my freedom from fear once and for all. I have had to reject fear in many seasons since… as I went to college, got married, moved to Miami, planted VOUS Church two years ago and even this month as we faced Hurricane Irma. Fear is a lame lingerer. It sits around waiting for another opportunity for an “in”. Allow the holy spirit to help you identify areas of your life that perhaps are being limited by fear. Trust God today to give you the strength to no longer allow fear to have any space in your mind or heart. You are FREE. So walk in it. xx

Thoughts for today:
What are areas in your life allowing fear to take residency?
Has fear returned to your heart in a new disguise?
What scriptures have you hidden in your heart to combat fear and choose courage?



DawnCheré Wilkerson is a speaker, singer, songwriter and pastor who loves nothing more than to encourage people of all ages to never give up! Her contagious joy and zeal bring a uniquely impacting perspective on life. She and her husband Rich are currently planting VOUS Church in downtown Miami and they also host the annual VOUS Conference on South Beach at the historic Fillmore Theater. VOUS Church is a catalyst of creativity, diversity, encouragement and community centered around the message of Jesus. Rich and DawnCheré recently offered a peek inside their world with their docu-series, Rich In Faith, a 10 episode feature on the Oxygen network.

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