Meet Maria. . . 
AGE: 39
3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE CONFERENCE: Powerful, refreshing, transforming.
WHY SHE KEEPS ATTENDING: The conference refreshes and builds my faith.  

HER FAVORITE CONFERENCE MOMENT: My favorite moment from She Rises Conferences was in 2015.  I was in a dry season and was desperate for emotional healing and reconciliation. I had an experience of healing like no other. Prior to going to the conference, I had a dream about being reconciled with a friend that I had done ministry with. I had not spoken to her for three years prior to this conference and my resentment  started to grow and take root inside me. I started to become bitter and I no longer wanted to attend church, this was unlike me.  Prior to the Conference, I had prayed with the expectation of God moving our hearts to be reconciled towards each other.  I was desperate for His touch, I was desperate for answers, and I was desperate for reconciliation.  I wanted my joy back and was tired of allowing my mind to be tormented with unforgiving thoughts. I remembered telling God, “I don’t know how, or when, but I know that if anyone can make this peace between my friend and I, it is You.”  I had a dream prior to going to the conference; the setting of my dream took place at the She Rises Conference, where the reconciliation happened between us. On the actual day of the conference, I was entering the the theatre with a friend who accompanied me that evening. As I entered the double doors of theatre, my friend that I had differences with grabbed my arm to get my attention and she told me that she loved me. I was speechless, because it was unexpected and I was caught off guard. Then the Holy Spirit began to remind me of the dream I had. Then I realized this was a divine moment, a God moment! Up to that point, I had not spoken to anyone about my dream, other than my husband. Right there at the entry way of the theatre we embraced each other and the presence of God was strong. I experienced a healing like never before. God heard my desperate cry for reconciliation, He woke something up inside me.  He revealed to me that it is through reconciliation, that the church can move together in unity.  There are no words to describe how I felt that night, God amazed me with His loving power. That moment was just a precursor to what God had in store for us and His daughters that first night.  Beth Moore was the speaker that evening and she spoke about “unleashing each other.”  I couldn’t deny the presence of the Lord, and how He made this She Rises moment special to me. It has changed me forever.

WHAT SHE WOULD SAY TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING ATTENDING CONFERENCE: Go to She Rises! It will transform you, equip you, refresh you and can even heal your life, because it did that for me.

HER STORY: I have learned that when you tell God to send you or to use you, there is a process that has to take place, so that you are better equipped emotionally. I’ve learned that the targets on my life have nothing to do with me, but everything to do with who God is in me. It is personal to God, so He will defend you and rescue you.  His promises are real! There is no other way I want to live.