Meet Brea…
AGE: 77
3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE CONFERENCE: Encouraging, uplifting, life changing.

WHY SHE KEEPS ATTENDING: To enhance my faith in Christ and my relationships with others.

HER FAVORITE CONFERENCE MOMENT: One of the first conferences, we dressed up as warrior chicks.  I came to the conference in combat boots, shield, and sword. It was so fun! I was reminded that I need to equip myself with my spiritual armor.

WHAT SHE WOULD SAY TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING ATTENDING CONFERENCE: I would tell her to make every effort to come. The experience will be enjoyable and a boost of confidence as we navigate our daily life.

HER STORY: I was abandoned at birth raised in foster care until 14. At 14, a county welfare worker escorted me along with 2 paper bags of my belongings to live with my mother. This was my first time meeting her and our relationship was not healthy. I met my father at 16 and we had a good relationship. At 22, I moved to California.  At 23, I became a single mom to a beautiful baby girl and ended up getting involved in transcendental meditation.  I had extremely low self esteem, hated myself, and harbored unforgiveness. In my 40’s, I accepted Jesus as my Savior. 31 years ago I came to Oasis. At 77, years old I am not abandoned. I know who I am and whose I am. I am adopted into God’s family and I am unconditionally loved.