Meet Alison…
AGE: 49
3 WORDS TO DESCRIBE CONFERENCE: Joyful, encouraging, inspiring.

WHY SHE KEEPS ATTENDING: I attend the conference because it’s my annual infusion of inspiration and encouragement sprinkled with awesome worship and a large dose of estrogen. In a room that large with THAT many women – there is nothing better!

HER FAVORITE CONFERENCE MOMENT: There is not one favorite moment for me but the overall feeling I get each year when God’s spirit is unleashed and swirling around the room full of women knowing that many will be blessed and spurred on in their journey. You can feel the freedom of many being supported, encouraged, having chains broken, feeling loved on and glowing with utter joy all around.

WHAT SHE WOULD SAY TO SOMEONE CONSIDERING ATTENDING CONFERENCE: I often invite many of my friends each year to attend and I simply tell them they need their soul fed and this is the place to do it. It’s safe and full of joy and love and care and kindness and they will walk away feeling stronger and more affirmed in their journey. Most women are exhausted in their day to day lives and this conference is the thing they all need to feel renewed and refreshed. It’s church 2.0 full of dynamic women!

HER STORY: Walking my unique journey as a single “maternal” woman, God has used my singleness over the years to be a blessing to others. I’m the nurturer to many and am so thankful that God can use me in this way to support, love and care for others around me. I can use my time well to infuse others with encouragement as well as meet needs when situations arise. I have found that using my life in this way satisfies my maternal needs as well as keeps my heart content in my own journey. God has taught me to love my tribe well and in doing so, I feel loved by God in extraordinary ways.