By: Lisa Bevere

Our Father God stands alone without rival, so we shouldn’t be surprised that in His eyes we are daughters without rival, which eliminates every reason that we should ever compete with one another.

You are the only example of you!

You are the beginning and the end of you. There is not a designer sample scheduled for mass production. In His lineage there are no copies, or same, and no equal. There is no rival for the way you express His love to others or for how He expresses His love to you. No one can do you like you!

God uniquely created your DNA and knit your frame in secret so He could surprise the world. He authored how your heart expresses itself; He was the architect of your smile and the melody of your voice; He made all of your features with the fondest thoughts of only you in mind. He celebrated along with your parents your first smile and watched with affection your first steps.

Because of this tender, intentional care, there are multiple facets of your life that express and reflect His love uniquely. He wove all these exceptional aspects and specific talents into the package of you, His daughter. He knew each attribute would be expressed best through your feminine form.

He knew you would represent and relate to Him best as a daughter. This is the very reason He chose female for your gender. There is a very tender bond between fathers and daughters.

He didn’t have another daughter in mind when He fashioned you…you are His delight.

This means you wouldn’t do it better if you were taller, shorter, blacker, or whiter. This also means you would not be a better carrier of the love He has entrusted to you if you were a male. God does not love sons more and daughters less. Nor does He love each gender equally. He loves male and female uniquely. Perhaps as you grew up you heard whispers, or even shouts, that your father or mother wished you’d been born a son. Maybe there was a time you wished you’d been born a male too. But know this…God never did.

Our Father rejoiced when you drew your first breath, and as the years unfolded, the angels of heaven rejoiced with Him when you were reborn as His Spirit-quickened daughter.

Marvelously loved one, there is absolutely nothing accidental about you.

So what does all this mean? It means there is more than enough immeasurable, inexhaustible love for us all. You don’t have to fight for your place at the table or win His love. No one can take you out or replace you…you have no rival.

This article was adapted from Lisa’s new book, Without Rival: Embrace Your Identity and Purpose in an Age of Confusion and Comparison (Revell, 2016).

About Lisa Bevere

Lisa Bevere is a minister and best-selling author. Her books and studies portray her passion for empowering the local church and encouraging women. Lisa and her husband John co-founded Messenger International. Her family calls Colorado home where they enjoy laughter and food.