By: Noemi Chavez

I like the word tenacious, it’s like a blend of perseverance and stubborn, and it is a gift to an unseen future.  Treading new oceans and bulldozing through the obstacles in personally uncharted territories requires a long commitment in the same direction.  I have walked with Jesus long enough (26 years) to conclude that if I am relentless in my pursuit of His will, the possibilities are exciting, challenging, unpredictable and never ever disappointing.

Romans 5:3-5 (NKJV)

“And not only that, but we also glory in tribulations, knowing that tribulation produces perseverance; and perseverance, character; and character, hope. Now hope does not disappoint, because the love of God has been poured out in our hearts by the Holy Spirit who was given to us.”

The scripture in Romans begins by saying that we glory in tribulations.  Who says that? I have never gone through a difficult time where I felt it was a glorious season. I guess those words can only be honestly declared when we have hung on to God long enough to experience answers, strength, and power that comes when we stay the course amidst the tribulations.  It is a tribulation if whatever the problem or difficulty we are facing tries to discourage our obedience and our commitment to following Jesus.  Here is where tenacity comes into the picture.  See, She is Tenacious when with inching crawls and fearful steps, she presses past opportunities to quit and by doing so, she perseveres.  It can be painful alright, because everything in our natural mind wants to defer to dealing with life in ways that are familiar to us, even if we know that our old patterns don’t produce the outcomes we truly desire.  Tenacity is the grit in our faith that carries the conviction that something supernatural will come to pass, something new is approaching our lane, God will answer, if we only press on in obedience in the same direction. When we do this we develop perseverance, and with this our character is formed.  Character building can only be the result of personally staying the course. Character isn’t shared, it cannot be given as a gift, it can only be developed. When we have come this far, we have personally experienced the true faithfulness of God, nobody can tell you any different because hope has found its residence at the root of your faith and hope in Jesus never disappoints. So having been through a number of tribulations in my life as woman, as a wife, as a pastor, as a daughter, I can attest to the glory part of those challenging seasons.  I glory in the tribulations I have persevered through, because every difficulty in my life has a point of triumph for my God.  I personally have come to know that He is still good, faithful and patient.  He is also all powerful, grace filled and I would not have known it unless I’d stuck to His plan.


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