Welcome to 2017!

You have 8,760 hours to reach your goals for 2017. How are ya doing so far??
This is the time of year when many of us set goals. Goals are good things; they can give our life direction. My children have played basketball since they were four. I remember watching those early games when the team was made up of four and five year olds. Many times one of the young players would get the ball and then head toward the wrong basket, sometimes even scoring points for the opposing team. So, it is good to keep the right goal in mind as we make decisions with our time and our heart this year.

There are personal goals we can set like:

What would you like to have happen in your life this year? What would you like to do, to accomplish? Do you want to lose weight? Eat healthier? Read more good books? Take a class?

What little things or big things would you like to achieve? Where would you like to go? What would you like to have happen in your relationships?

What problems in your workplace or community would you like to see solved?

As leaders we have goals for our department and church, and they are needed. Measurable goals. How many people do you want to see in small groups? How many people do you want to see baptized? How many people do you want attending your conference? And what are the steps you are taking to get there. Wanting the results will not guarantee them. Goals are only reached one measurable step at a time. Each goal needs a practical series of stages to see it achieved. But you know this, and I am sure you have started. I have.

Goals are good; they keep us on track with the desires in our heart. But I started thinking…perhaps we should include not only goals about what we want to do, but also goals about who we can be. Here are my “being” goals:

Be more forgiving in my marriage….today.
Be more patient with my children….today.
Be kinder to the people I work with….today.
Be more willing to let go of past hurts….today
Be willing to let someone else get the last word….today.
Be ready to meet a new friend…today.
Be a better listener…today.
Give a little more financially this year than I did last year…starting today.

And if I string all of these todays together, by the end of the year I will have lived a year marked with forgiveness, patience, kindness, honor and generosity.

So yeah…I am going to eat better and work out more. I will read some great books and finish writing another one, but I am hoping to focus just as much on the “being.”